The Ma Africa Foundation works to implement long-term, positive change in the lives of individuals, families and communities in and around South Africa.


The Ma Africa Foundation is completely reliant on donations. A contribution is made by the Ama Africa Experiences Organisation where International volunteers pay a programme fee and part of this fee is then contributed to the Ma Africa Foundation to provide further support to local organizations.  We would like you to assist us in our endeavour in order to make a difference at grassroots level in local communities by contributing financially to the Ma Africa Foundation in order for us to make an even greater positive impact.

You can support us by:

  • Donating towards fundraising initiatives
  • Volunteering or providing free services
  • Donations in kind including clothing, food, stationery, school uniforms, office equipment etc.
  • Monthly financial contributions to the Foundation.


If you would like to help us with a donation, please complete the form below and we will be in contact.

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