The Ma Africa Foundation works to implement long-term, positive change in the lives of individuals, families and communities in and around South Africa.

Our Success Stories

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International volunteers are making a big difference to local communities by volunteering their time and skills in non profit organisation. Not only have the volunteers proven to help out in human resources, but they have in many instances gone beyond that and continued support to organisations by starting initiatives like ballet and music programmes at schools in disadvantaged communities.
Here are some of our success stories:

  • Ballet and flute programme started at a Primary School
  • Support to a local Primary School with their Annual Golf day Fundraiser
  • After School maths lessons offered at a local High School
  • Staff room upgrade at a local High School
  • A library room started at a Primary school
  • Donations of scarfs and socks for the children at the local orphanage
  • Support and assistance of foundation phase learners
  • Tennis coaching offered at a local Primary  school (Rackets and Balls donated)


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